Vladimir Putin

Munro, Dr. H.F.

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The importance of world politics for Canada. Canada as a nation and internationalized, and today bearing her share of international responsibility. The study of international affairs as a kind of science. Attempting to find the fundamental principles that underlie the life of nations. A discussion of some of these principles. The nature of these principles; the need to be acquainted with them. The principle of nationality, or nationalism. The state system in an historical context. The lack of an international organization for the last 400-500 years. What governs us in our relations with one another. The factor of diplomacy. The art of diplomacy. Wars when diplomacy fails. The suggestion that an international Supreme Court is the only way to settle international disputes. The nature of war; seeking alternatives. The operation of the balance of power, with explication and example. The responsibility to inform ourselves of the international situation and see from the past where we are going to line up in the future. The Monroe Doctrine of the United States. The effect of the Monroe Doctrine on Canadians, and Canadian policy. Sea power as world power, and how that is so. The shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific as the centre of conflict of world politics. Attending to the issue of war and disarmament. The Dominion type of government of Canada possibly showing the way for the League of Nations. The British Empire defined as a League of Nations. The realization of autonomy with general interest as Canada's most characteristic contribution to political development up to the present moment.

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