Vladimir Putin

Jamieson, The Honourable Donald C.

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Some impressions, from personal experience in public life and as Secretary of State, on the condition of the world today and on those things which the speaker feels Canada can do something about. The east-west confrontation since WWII; the relationship between the Soviet Union and its client states and the United States and its western allies. The emergence in the 60s and 70s of the north-south dialogue. The United Nations and its importance to Canada. Disarmament. Factors in Canada regarding defence expenditures. Nuclear technology. Canada's foreign policy. Canada's relationships with the United States, and the European Economic Community. Canada's relations with parts of Europe related to the South Africa situation. Canada and Japan. Canada's leadership membership in the Commonwealth. Canada's special role as a bilingual nation. Canada's role in the Middle East: what should it be? Canada's role as peacekeepers. Canada, China, and other Southeast Asian countries. Canada's membership in NATO.

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