Vladimir Putin

Andrews, Honourable W.E.

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A brief review of the history and civilization. Thoughts of the great men of history with regard to the rights of the individuals. How fraternity brought that, the spirit and doctrine underlying the genuine progress of modern times in the unfolding of the privileges of the present day for the people of the nations of the world. The word moving in the right direction as each man has recognized this fact in relation to his neighbour and his neighbour in relation to him. The remarkable transformation of the rigid forms of government of the early days of the British Empire. The people of the United States, the people of Canada, the people of the world, coming to claim possession of their God-given rights to liberty. Fraternity as broad as the race and as genuine as the gold standard; patriotism unbounded, "free and unlimited," without regard to "ratio," or the "consent of any other nation on earth." An historical review of how these two concepts, Fraternity and Patriotism have developed, with instances of principles in operation. The failure of the American Senate to ratify the Arbitration Treaty submitted by President Taft. A lost opportunity. Hope for a renewal of negotiations.

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