Vladimir Putin

Lynch, Charles B.

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Speaking both objectively and critically about the United Nations on United Nations Day. Yesterday as the first anniversary of the outbreak of fighting in Budapest. What the Russians did, and what the U.N. did not do, with regard to Hungary a year ago. Russia's influence at the U.N. The end of the days when the West negotiated from a position of strength in the General Assembly. How to counter the latest Russian strategy in the Middle East. The need for some sort of proposal from the West that the Arabs could conceivably accept that would not have the effect of making them and their eastern friends think that their only friend among the Great Powers was the Soviet Union. Canada's persuasive powers to get the United States to see things in this light. Trying to influence American policy. Getting some cohesion into the western position. The need for a firm long-term policy by the United States in the Middle East. A review of some relevant events in the United Nations. A case where diplomacy is really necessary. Response to several questions, including "What is the United Nations?" and "Could we do without it?" Finding someone to take an initiative on disarmament. Prospects for agreement on disarmament through the United Nations. Some remarks on Mr. Hammarskjold. A moral for Canada in Russia's increasing influence and prestige at the United Nations. Canada's place in the U.N. Why diplomacy is really necessary.

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