Vladimir Putin

Sims, William Sowden

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The importance in international relations of two implements or weapons of warfare that came out of the war: the submarine and the airplane. Some historical background to that importance. The situation in 1917 and how it was saved. Some anecdotal incidents from the war. The submarine as a weapon, and their great potential for the future. The lesson learned that any nation that is reasonably protected by submarine is safe against aggression of any other nation, no matter how great that nation may be on the surface of the sea. Ways in which the airplane performs the same function as the submarine, to a limited degree. The radius of action much smaller with the airplane, and how that is so. The airplane as the most astonishing implement of warfare that has ever been invented within the radius of its action. The ability of the airplane to bomb a ship. The lesson that no nation having on its coast more airplanes than the enemy can bring to bear against it from large ships will ever be successfully attacked. How the airplane even eliminates the element of time. Some predictions about the future of weaponry. More anecdotes from the war.

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