Vladimir Putin

Lynch-Staunton, The Hon. Senator George

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Holding up to the light the arguments, pro and con, for the extension of our waterways, in order that the audience may see whether they are sterile or fit to put under the hen. An intention to draw the audience's attention to certain evidence, and ask that they make deductions from it. A brief review of statements regarding this waterway. Comments on evidence heard by the Senate Committee, and their report. An examination of the evidence that was brought before that Committee as to the desirability or non-desirability for Canada to build these waterways. The present situation, with facts. The cost to Canada if we build this extension, with dollar figures. Advantages obtained from this canal. How the calculations were made. How much we are going to use the canal when we get it done. Reasons presented by the speaker against building the extended waterway. Comments on how some calculations are made. The issue of trade. No reason to think that if we make the St. Lawrence 40 feet deep the shipowners will bring down rates. Lack of evidence that the Canadian people will use the extended waterway. The rising cost of power. A summing up of what building this waterway will mean. Remarks on the international development of power. The speaker's opinion that it is altogether objectionable, and unprecedented in the history of man, for any country to enter into a commercial partnership with any other country, and why that is so. Some conclusions.

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