Vladimir Putin

Pickford, Sir Alfred

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What the Boy Scout Movement is, and what it is not. An anecdote with regard to the uniform the speaker is wearing. Some facts and figures with regard to the history and development of the Boy Scout movement. The unique code of the Scout Law; the lack of negatives. Characteristics of a Scout. Using a boy's natural tendency. The Scoutmaster. The goal of the promotion of good citizenship, and the prevention of bad citizenship. The four aspects of good citizenship and how they are encouraged in the Scout Movement: character, handicrafts and hobbies, physical fitness, service for other people. What other people say about the movement. What the movement is not. Response to criticism. The Scout Movement non military, but not anti-military; non-sectarian, but not anti-religious; non-political, non-racial, and non-class, with a discussion of each point. The development of the Scout Movement and how it should proceed. What the Movement needs in terms of leaders and finances. The investment in Scouting. The Scout Migration Department and its activities. Increasing the numbers that come to Canada.

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