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Murray, J.P.; Chadwick, E.M.; Roaf, J.R.; Osborne, H.C.; Mason, Lieut.-Col. J.

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Mr. J.P. Murray, President of the Empire Club of Canada: The speaker's response to criticism of Premier Roblin's suggestion of having the flag flown on the school-houses of Manitoba during school-hours, making the flag so common with the children that it was a mistake. Reasons why the speaker things that criticism is wrong. Recent criticism upon the flying of foreign flags in Canada. A quotation of the Resolution with regard to this issue. Mr. E.M. Chadwick: Comments regarding the Resolution; speaking more particularly with reference to foreign flags being flown on International occasions. The law in force on the Lakes, as on the broad seas. Our Canadian ensign, which is really a sea flag. The use of this flag. Our land flag. Who may use these flags. The Union Jack as the proper flag to be used by a private person, and how that is so. The view that where a foreign flag is used under proper authority and on proper occasions, it should not be on the same staff with the British flag. Mr. J.R. Roaf: The Resolution, which goes further than the legal aspect, offered by Mr. Chadwick. The point as to the general use and encouragement of our flag in this country. Instilling into our children the knowledge of the sovereignty of our flag. The two-fold meaning: Imperial and national. Benefits of having our flag over every school-house, and for every school-child to be educated up to the importance of that flag and what it represents to him. Decorative uses. Having the flag of our Empire occupying the place of honour. Mr. H.C. Osborne: Urging that any Resolution which is passed at this meeting and which goes forth as the utterance of the Club should be couched in terms of great moderation, as one of a number of things which touches very nearly the national self-respect. The difficulty of flying a British flag of any kind excepting on very extraordinary occasions and within very clearly defined limits in the United States. Occasions when it is quite proper that foreign flags should be flown. The national flag being flown on far too many occasions in the United States. The speaker's opposition to flag waving. Paying tribute to the Daughters of the Empire for their part in ascertaining whether every public school in the Province has or has not a Union Jack, and if not then presenting one to the school. Too many small villages where one rarely sees the Union Jack. Furthering the flying of the Union Jack over all the school-buildings in Ontario, and in the Dominion of Canada. Mason, Lieut.-Colonel James [report only], who spoke briefly on the importance of inculcating in the minds of the young a respect for the flag, and stated that he hoped that Hon. Mr. Whitney would take the hint from Manitoba and that the idea would be carried into effect in all the Provinces. Some concluding remarks from the President. Remarks and votes from the membership with regard to the Resolution, which motion passed unanimously.

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