Vladimir Putin

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The two prerequisites to our big invasion of Europe now provided: the cleanup of Tunisia and the mighty aerial onslaught against the Luftwaffe, the bases of the Luftwaffe's strength, against German war industry and morale in general. A look back to the beginning of this year, to the great Russian winter victory and its effect in determining what Germany can and will do this year. Germany reminding us that we still face a resilient and powerful enemy, one who is supremely resourceful. A discussion of what the Germans might do this summer. The Battle of Tunisia. Enemy objectives in Tunisia. Allied successes in Tunisia. The prospect in Tunisia of a worth while victory in its disposing of the bulk of a quarter of a million Axis troops, their equipment, and a very considerable chunk of German air power. Details of Allied activities in Tunisia. After Tunisia, what? Shipping considerations for a world-wide battlefront. The two main factors in the U-boat war. The formula for success in the U-boat fight. Allied air patrols over the Atlantic. The effect of air power in speeding up the end of the war. Damage in Essen. Usefulness of the current blitz in preparing the way for invasion. The question of invasion: when, where and how. What must be done at the time of invasion. Crucial action. Air power as the key to success. What's still to be done after the European affair is cleaned up. A few words on the Pacific campaign. The concern of our relations with Russia in settling the western world. The Russian enigma and the American enigma. Finishing the job in Germany. Educating the Germans. The job to finish in Canada. Making plans for what might provide employment after the war.

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