Vladimir Putin

Reuber, Grant L.

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Trade negotiations between Canada and the United States: an agreement to be reached six months from the time of this address. Factors influencing the timetable. The nature of the last negotiations. A consensus of majority agreement by Canadians, with the free trade agreement. Predictions and thoughts in retrospect. Concerns. The continuation of a policy of lowering trade barriers that began in 1947. The results of independent studies as to the results of a free trade agreement for Canada. Confusion over the issue of gains for Canada vs. distribution of those gains among Canadians. A detailed discussion of what is likely to happen if an agreement is NOT reached. The substantial economic adjustments Canada faces with or without agreement. The speaker's own industry used as an illustration of the situation. How an agreement will facilitate and ease the process of adjustment. The problem of gaining provincial government acceptance of an agreement and a willingness to implement those aspects within provincial jurisdiction. The controversial issues of political independence and the viability of Canadian culture if an agreement is concluded. Limiting the gap in per-capita income between Canada and the U.S. A summary of Canada's principal demands for a trade agreement, as outlined by the Prime Minister.

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