Vladimir Putin

Jackson, Professor Gilbert

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Anecdotes to show what some people think of the economy, and economists. The need to understand the depression. The programme that Australia has worked out and the role of economists in that programme. Some comments on the policies of Governments. Service that could be rendered by a committee of economists. The lack of partisan affiliations among economists. Little likelihood that any Canadian government would create such a committee of economists. Being prepared to listen to any sincere thinking. Some common beliefs for solutions; listening to all of them; being critical of proposals. The speaker's proposition that the root cause of the depression lies in no fault of the economic mechanism by which we live, but in ourselves. An examination of the situation in Russia for the purposes of the analogy. Recognising this as a man-made depression. Economics as an exemplification of the moral law. The fault of selfishness and its expression through nations as well as individuals. A discussion of nationalism, its origins and its effects. Trade restrictions and their consequences. What happened in 1928 and 1929 in the final boiling up of the speculative pot in Wall Street. Some man-made remedies at present under discussion. Proposals which go deep into the heart of man rather than tricks of economic adjustment.

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