Vladimir Putin

Clegg, Frank

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Looking back over 20 years of Microsoft. Two elements that have built up Microsoft's technology: its focus and its success as a company. Microsoft's mission to have a computer on every desk and in every home. The focus of developing great application software to allow that mission to happen. The strategy to obsolete its own product: a critical component for survival. A review of several introductions of technologies over the last two decades. Future technology. Converging on a digital world. Two-way communication and incredible price performance. The convergence of consumer and computer technology which we are starting to see today. Examples, trends, and statistics of chip technology. Demand and price. The movement of communications to digital technology. Opportunities for Microsoft to create great applications that involve sharing information around the world in a very cost-effective format. Rethinking how to use the computer, particularly in organisations. Driving international competitiveness. Microsoft's vision of the future, with examples. Replacing the retail model with an electronic shopping mall, and implications of doing so. Internet innovations, such as downloading Microsoft software and purchasing it over the Internet. A shift in market share from the traditional environment to an on-line interactive world. The Internet. What Microsoft is doing now and how these activities might evolve. Ways of obtaining feedback. Microsoft's focus from a Canadian standpoint, with some statistics. Embracing the new technology. Encouraging expertise. Excitement about the future.

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