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Gandz, Jeffrey

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Mr. Gandz' address was divided into several areas, listed and outlined as follows. Introduction An argument against Peter Drucker's prediction of the demise of the university within 30 years. The Role of the Educator in a Technological Age The speaker's conviction based on four arguments: Educators as a key element in motivation and the hope that they will learn to use technology to reach many more people; the proliferation of information that has created a need for excellent educators; education having much less to do with information gathering than with the development of individuals' thinking and reasoning; the develolpment of such critical abilities as a social activity. Disclaimers Three personal disclaimers. Building on the expericnes of students at Ivey and the speaker's experiences working with them. Motivating Learning The criticial step of turning people on to education. Technology's potential to be harnessed to this jmotivational task. Appraising Information Effects of the printing press and then the Internet. An example of skills to be learned in using the Internet. Developing People Bringing the thoughts and ideas of many others into our radar screens, with example. [Inserted at this point was a demonstration of the use of the Internet for preparation of a class.] The role of the educator. The Nature of Learning Technology that will repalce teaching that merely conveys facts. TheSocratic method and its practical limitations. The role of the teacher as educator and what that means in the technological age. Education and Development Why people should come together to learn. [Inserted here were three video clips in which students talked not about what they had learned but how they had changed and developed as a result of the Ivey Business School experience.] The Promise of Technology in the Developmental Process Interactive video-conferencing technology and its uses and advantages. Education and Business How technology will enable education to be delivered just in time and in the right place. The combination of telecommunications technology and information technology, making the education network a realistic proposition for the first time. Some concluding remarks about the role of technology in teaching and learning and advantages to organizations and business.

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