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Martin, The Hon. Paul

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. A budget that "clearly demonstrates that we will hit our three-per-cent interim target for 1996-97. It also shows that we will hit our new target--two per cent, in 1997-98 or $17 billion." Announced actions which will enable us to go beyond these targets to keep Canada moving towards budget balance. Some more dollar figures. Some pay-offs in hitting deficit targets. The dramatic decline in the amount of new money that the government must borrow each year on financial markets. Calculating deficits. Today's fiscal progress a national effort supported by Canadians across the country and no matter what their political stripe. Moving past the fiscal budget. The goal to prepare Canada for the new millennium, for a new economy and to cope and to succeed in an era of unprecedented change. Restructuring spending to meet the needs of the nation. Preserving and strengthening social programmes. The state of the Canadian health and social transfers. The issue of public pensions and sustainability. Changes part of a greater plan to overhaul the structure of government spending. Structural changes to furnish the country with programmes it can afford in the long term as well as the short. The question of jobs, with some numbers. The better economic climate. Strengthening three areas of government to enable Canadians to manage for the future: investing in our youth, in learning and in the transition from school to work; investing in technology; investing in trade. A summary of the budget. What a successful country is. Restoring the nation to fiscal health. Sharing aspirations of all Canadians. Time to move forward again.

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