Vladimir Putin

Bridges, The Right Honourable Lord

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Institute of Public Administration of Canada. The address divided into two sections: Nationalized Industries, and the other bodies in the range between the Nationalized Industries and Government Departments (the Intermediate Band) in Britain. First, the Intermediate Band. The structure of Government: a brief history. Examples of the organizations in the Intermediate Band. Reasons which have led to a special type of organization being adopted. Four extremely diverse bodies not covered by what the speaker explains. The relationship between the Government and the industries nationalized after World War II: coal, electricity, railways, gas, air corporations (the last nationalized before World War II). The general pattern of the nationalization Acts passed in the years 1945-1949. One important change in 1961. Some examples and history to show the powers given to the nationalized industries and how that was brought about. A consideration of how that has worked, looking at the relationship between the Minister and the Boards responsible to him, the relationship between the Boards and Parliament, and the relationship between Parliament and the Boards. Some problems and concerns. The main forces which have been at work in the last 20 years. What Canada might learn from the British experience.

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