Vladimir Putin

Minehan, Rev. Father L.

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What the speaker means by Civil Service Reform. Reasons why the Empire Club of Canada should support such reform. The appointment to all public offices by competitive examination. Laying stress on the term "competitive." What competitive examination means. The need for such examination to be conducted by an independent board. Examples of the use of competitive examinations elsewhere. The speaker's claim that our present system of appointment in Canada is a violation of the fundamental principle of popular government: the government of the whole people by the whole people. The result of party appointments. The present condition of Canada's Civil Service. Why we have this mad scramble for office in a country with such varied resources, which presents so many opportunities for a young man of ambition. Advantages to have men who obtain their office by merit. Advocating competitive examination for all municipal offices and that promotions, as far as possible, be decided by the same test. Introducing into this country those high ideals which do honour to British officialdom.