Vladimir Putin

Slaght, Arthur Graeme

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A few things about Canada which, when marshalled and collected, are truly astounding. Ways in which Canada is unique amongst the nations of the world. Why Canadians are the luckiest people in the world. The chance to lose it all. Why Canada and the Anglo-Saxon world of today are faced with the possible destruction of all freedom, through the Communist regime in Soviet Russia. Canadian policy that will enable us to prevent war with Russia. Canada's foreign policy towards world affairs and the United Nations. Some quotes from Hansard with regard to that foreign policy, and what it all means. Evidence of Communists infiltrating the U.S. Government. The need to realize the seriousness of the situation. The need for direct action rather than senseless conferences, negotiations and fruitless talks with Stalin and his gang on which too much time has already been wasted. The charge laid before the UN by the U.S., Britain and France against the Communists on the Berlin issue. The resolution introduced by General McNaughton for a unified dealing with the atomic bomb under the Baruch plan. Events in Paris in the debates of the United Nations over the last ten days. The speaker's conviction that "to avert war we must run the risk of war." The Fifth Column in Britain, Canada, and the United States. What we must make clear to Russia. More that we should be doing. The hope that our diplomats and representatives on the United Nations may bring us through to peace.

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