Vladimir Putin

Windle, Sir Bertram

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Some remarks in reference to the War. The desire that there shall be no more war. The likelihood of that realization. University reconstruction that follows after wars. The policy of founding and fostering Universities in Prussia after the reverses that country suffered some 100 years ago. The aim at that time that the loss of material territory might be made up for by increased intellectual effort. How that came to be so for the German Empire. The physical and chemical resources at their disposal when they declared war. The speaker's belief that nothing was more responsible for the war than the spirit which was fostered by those resources; the fact that if you follow German philosophy for years back, you will always remember that education on wrong principles is worse than no education at all. A summation of the philosophies which had been taught in the German Universities. The great deal of activity in the British Isles in regard to educational reconstruction during the latter part of the war. Two or three special directions in which University Education has progressed in England. The establishment of a Faculty of Brewing in connection with the University. The first Faculty of Commerce stared in Birmingham when the speaker was a member of the Senate of the University. The Irish Education Act, which came into operation ten years ago and the Faculty of Commerce started in Cork by the speaker. Some of the men the speaker was able to hire for these Faculties. The scheme to get a number of business firms, Railways and Chartered Accountants to open their offices to second and third year students for three months each summer to work and learn. Details of the programmes in relation to the Commerce Faculty. Ways in which the Commerce Faculty might have been practically set up for being a training ground for the new Consular Service. The foundation of the degree of Journalism, with some interesting anecdotes. Discussion as to the exchange of professors and the exchange of students across the Atlantic. The value of such exchanges, and some reservations.
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