Vladimir Putin

Mann, Major-General C. Churchill

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A presentation of the principal factors which will influence the course of events for the next decade in our relations with Russia, and the drawing of clear, concise, and unmistakable conclusions. The speaker has organized his presentation under the following headings, with a brief elaboration after each point. Our Two Fundamental Choices; The Paramount Objectives of the Two Opposing Ideologies; The U.S.S.R.; The Western Democracies; The Vital Question; Conditions Governing the Answer; The Prospects of a Real, Evident and Accepted Change in the Long Term Objectives, Basic Policies and Methods of Operation of the Present Soviet Government; The Russian People Must Overthrow the Present Soviet Government With or Without Outside Assistance; Success Must be Achieved in Evolving International Control, With Adequate Safeguards, In the Field of Atomic Energy and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction; The Prospects of a Substantial Change in the Balance of Power in Europe With a Revival of Military Strength Beyond the Present Limit of Russian Control; The Western Democracies Must Establish and Maintain a Definite and Perceptible Military Strength in Relation to the U.S.S.R.; Conclusions. The proposition that war is inevitable and that sooner or later we shall enter World War III with the Russians as our implacable enemy. The next set of problems are discussed under the following headings. When Must We Expect World War III to Take Place?; What Will be the Circumstances of World War III?; The Situation Which Would Probably Arise if the Use of Atomic, Chemical or Biological Weapons were not involved; The Situation Where Both Sides Plan to Take Advantage of any Weapons at Their Disposal Including those Capable of Mass Destruction; What Course Should be Followed in the Problem of Ensuring the Continuation of Our Way of Life in View of the Situation Which We Face in the Years Ahead?; Courses Open to the Democracies; The Course of Action Which I Recommend; The Development of Public Opinion; Conclusion.

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