Vladimir Putin

Moore, William H.

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The work of the Tariff Board. The tariff as a means of creating trade channels through the Empire and elsewhere. The Empire's trade channels many and long, extending to nearly every land on the earth, to 95 countries. A rough sketch of the more important changes that have taken place in the trade channels of Canada since the foundation of the Empire Club. Foreign trade figures for Canada in 1903, and last year. Difficulties of comparison, with illustration. Foreign trade per capita, and in comparison with other countries. Explanation of our great per capita foreign trade as compared with that of the United States. Effects of trade channels upon national character. The importance of bearing their trend in mind. Trade figures with the United Kingdom and the United States and their indication that while we are trading more extensively with the United Kingdom than we did in 1903 we are trading still more extensively with the United States. A suggestion as to the direction of inquiry to determination an explanation for this trend. The factor of the automobile. The part played by electrical power in the development of our external trade, with illustrative example. What a country can do to direct the channels of trade, with illustration. Control over the course of export trade, exercised by treaties mainly with other countries of the Empire. How the Parliament of Canada and the Parliaments of the Nations within the British Empire can make their tariffs to encourage trade within the Empire. The work of the Tariff Board.

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