Vladimir Putin

McEachern, Ronald A.

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Taking a look at ourselves and at our society; trying to assess the failures and accomplishments of the past 50 years; trying to assess the probabilities of the next 50. Comprehending the years behind us so that we can walk with wisdom into the future. The human race being subjected to a series of momentous shocks and changes over the last 50 years: a review of war, science, medicine, technology, economics, employment, politics. A quote from Sumner Slichter of Harvard on how the past 50 years have revolutionized the climate in which businessmen operate due to three things: the transformation of the economy from one of free private enterprise to one of government-directed enterprise; the rise of the welfare state; the relative shift in power from business management to employees. The most important new idea to emerge from the past half century: the idea and the reality of an expanding universe, the actuality that the world can be a better, more abundant place for vast masses of people. A discussion of how these developments and this new view came about. Adjusting ourselves to the new world as the main job for the second half of this century. What is meant by an expanding universe. A look at natural resources and food supply. The growth of the business corporation which permits large size, full exploitation of machinery and research, and which commands access to large amounts of capital. A discussion of "bigness" in business. Practices and motivations in a corporation and their impact on a community and individuals. The relationship between size and responsibility in a business corporation. Two recent major investigations of what our world will look like in the decades immediately ahead. Their yardsticks of growth as applied to Canada. Some figures. Evidence for the accuracy of these predictions. The capacity to change in our business system. The year ahead. Business in Canada profoundly affected by what happens in the United States and in Britain. The situation in Britain. Some comments about the Canadian outlook based on what can now be known about and facts and trends. The speaker's prediction that 1950 will be a good year.

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