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Falconer, Dr. R.A.

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The Congress of the Universities of the Empire, the second of its kind, held last July in London; the speaker's impressions. Preparation for the Congress. The importance of the congress shows by the type of men who showed an interest in it. The composition of the congress itself a proof that there is something in the Empire which has possibly not yet come to the surface, something of intellectual growth and development. Canada's participation in 18 of the 53 universities of the Empire. A demand for higher education, coming at once with the new provinces. Such movement not confined to Canada. Education development in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malta. A few impressions of the work of the Congress itself in London. The work of the Congress in two main divisions: the relation of the universities, the one to the other, and second, the relation of the university to its staff, students, and graduates. An examination of possible co-ordinated efforts. Discussion as to the function of the universities. The necessity of individuality very strongly emphasized; University of Toronto as an example. Every university an expression of national life, and an instrument of service for its own people. Possibilities for universities to assist each other. Another result of the Congress the setting before the universities the facilities that the older and better-equipped universities afford to the younger universities abroad. Providing opportunities for teaching positions. Observations during visits to universities such as Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Cambridge. Concluding with one or two quotations from what was said by Lord Rosebery and Lord Curzon with regard to the work of a university.

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