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Brickner, Rabbi Barnett R.

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The question of immigration from the point of view of an immigrant. The need for immigration to be fraught with vision, as it is the national, the most important, the burning question before Canada. Canada's reciprocal need for the immigrant, and the immigrant's need for Canada. Reasons why Canada needs immigration. Canada passing through the real process of reconstruction. The need for wise statesmanship to formulate a vision of a constructive, comprehensive policy on immigration. Past policies of immigration of Canada and of the United States. The King Government at present sending out feelers all over the country with a view of taking stock of what is in the minds of people on this question of immigration. An examination of past policies. The speaker's view that an intelligent policy of immigration must be based on three fundamentals: selection, distribution, and incorporation. What is meant by each of these terms, with illustrative instances. Several current orders-in-council with regard to selection policies for immigration and why they don't work well. Suggestions for change. Responses to questions such as who do we need; who is ready to come; what inducements can Canada offer. Advocating the formation of a commission that will work out an intelligent policy of selection. Who should be on such a commission and what they should do. A word about distribution and incorporation. Offering support for the immigrant. Asking an immigrant to become a Canadian in body and in spirit and in patriotism. Offering absolute freedom in matters of religion, and absolute liberty to develop those elements in his make-up which he considers good and true. What we are doing wrong and what we should do. The opportunity to build the nation that we are passing up. Keeping our minds and our eyes wide open; letting us feel that the destiny of Canada is in our hands. "What we make of it, that it will become."

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