Vladimir Putin

Camp, Dalton K.

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The speaker's personal Centennial project: to do what he can "to make party politics in Canada less of an occult science, in the spirit of Mr. King, and more of a democratic exercise, in the interests of free society." Some introductory remarks about "Toronto the good" and other Canadian cities. The common public attitude to the present condition of Canadian politics. The speaker's early political experience. A look at some Conservative party leaders. The Conservative Party as more democratic than it was in Mr. Bennett's day or Meighen's day, but not democratic enough for this day, and the reason why. Response to the question "Why should the leader be accountable to this party?" The speaker's belief that a leader's accountability makes his Prime Ministership more responsible, and more secure, and not less so. What the speaker means by accountability. A broad-ranging discussion of roles, responsibilities and rights of the Party, leadership, the party system of politics, the federal system, etc. How the nation has changed over the last ten years, and how politics has remained the same. The responsibility of the Conservative party to decide for itself its future course. "The interests of the party are paramount and they cannot be served by silence, secrecy or strategy." The need for the Party to reunite itself and begin the long and deliberate task of preparing for its next challenge. Embracing the spirit of innovation, the sense of adventure, the urge for renewal that is now so strongly felt in Canada.