Vladimir Putin

Allcut, Professor Edgar Alfred

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The objective of moving people or things along a highway of some kind. The pertinent enquiry into the nature of the problem and the reasons why past developments occurred as they did, rather than in some other way. The requirement for energy to be either transmitted or stored, as exemplified by the street car. The use of stored energy as the only logical solution. Attempts that have been made to store electrical or some other form of energy and its attendant difficulties. Liquid hydrocarbons, among the various kinds of fuel available, as the most likely to continue for a considerable time to come as the fuel of choice, and reasons why. Canada's supply and demand for oil. The amount, kind and cost of fuel available dictating the future trend of design in the transportation field. Difficulties involved with the steam engine. The low-priced family car, such as is purchased by the average user: requirements to be met. Safety and reliability; low cost; comfort and appearance, with a brief discussion of each. How progress is made, then proven on a practical scale before it can be commercially applied. Gradual changes. The speaker's expectation that future developments in the automotive field will be by evolution rather than by revolution, with the proviso that something entirely unexpected and unforeseen may change the situation substantially.