Vladimir Putin

Wakefield, Dr. Russell

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Losses suffered by Canadians in the war. The great righteous and moral strength of this war on the part of the Allies. Great Britain's share in the war. The great social reconstruction which must take place after the war. Learning great moral lessons from the war in order that there be true and lasting victories. A review of conditions and political concerns in England early in 1914. Now better signs of a coming together of the employers and the employed in England. One result of the war taking us out of our narrowness and selfishness and giving us an idea as to something grander with regard to which we might all unite. The unpreparedness of the British Nation when the war began. Rousing the country to war-time effort. Financial burdens of the war on Great Britain and her Allies. What Great Britain has done with regard to war-like effort. A comparison with what has been done in the past by armies. Fighting eight simultaneous campaigns. The invention of the tank. Britain's independent air force and the retribution which has been brought to Germany. The contribution of the British Navy: sweeping the German ships off the sea. The successful blockade. Women in munitions. Losses by deaths now reaching a number of millions. Meaning to have a better and a nobler world in the days to come. The work of the American troops. The speaker's persuasion that no one of the Allies will give up the struggle until we have made it a certainty that war shall never, if possible, prevail again, and that if war should unhappily ever come again, it should not be waged in the abominable way in which Germany has waged it.

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