Vladimir Putin

Pierre Karl Péladeau

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A wireless future for Canada. The new iPhone - a review of features. The iPhone not yet available in Canada. The Blackberry. Canadians without access to the Blackberry and why. The wireless industry in Canada. The Canadian wireless market dominated by three very large players. Their control of the market. Consequences of this lack of competition. Moving in the right direction. The new 3G wireless auction. Ways in which wireless is the future of business. How all of Canada pays for a lack of competition in the wireless sector. What more competition would bring. Differences between Canada and the United States in this regard. Canada's protection of the big three players. Difficulties for new Canadian operators. The ask of government. How the Canadian economy will be well served by new competition. Videotron's position in Canada. The future. Quebecor's interest in building and operating a Third Generation wireless network. What the speaker and other Canadians want to see. What would benefit Canadians. Looking at wireless as a new avenue for distributing our Canadian media coverage. Reaching the consumer. The current digital revolution and where it is leading us. Mobile access. A profound revolution in the way we consume information. Quebecor as a key player in this universe. An illustrative example. The transformation of print media. The vision for Quebecor. A plea to end the domination by the big three wireless companies in Canada.

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