Vladimir Putin

Fraser, Andrew

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The strength of the historical, institutional and commercial ties between Canada and the United Kingdom (U.K.) providing a foundation for the high levels of industrial investment in both directions. The attraction of the U.K. as a base for Canadian companies in Europe, and of Canada as a base for British companies in North America not limited to historical ties or sentiment. The importance of inward investment in the bilateral trading relationship between the U.K. and Canada and in each country's economic development growing fast. What this means to Britain and why the U.K. has been so successful in attracting and retaining foreign investment, including from North America, in recent years. The sheer scale and opportunities of the European market. The U.K.'s position at the heart of Europe critical to their success; investments not in the British market but in Europe itself. Reasons for the U.K. success. World leadership in research and development. The importance of access to state-of-the-art technology. The brain power of the automotive industry as it resides in Britain. Biotechnology in Britain. Close links between industry and British universities. Research at Cambridge by Toshiba and nearby, by Hitachi. Britain in the forefront of the investment trend. Britain's macro-economy also in great shape. Figures for investment stock. A low tax base. Words from one of Britain's industry ministers: "The government of business is not the business of government." Leading the world in both deregulation and privatisation. Telecom operations in the U.K. The importance of Britain's financial services sector for companies setting up in the U.K. Benefits enjoyed by Canadian companies as well as the historic links between the two countries. Welcoming Canadian names like Seagram, ALCAN, McCain, Canadian financial services in the City of London, energy sector companies in the North Sea, and many smaller companies. The importance of old ties.

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