Vladimir Putin

Kerwin, Dr. Larkin

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The speaker's belief that Canada's future lies "in a certain kind of beauty." Aesthetics as a response to economics. Science worth pursuing solely as an artistic process. Culture's need for science and technology as well as cellists, poets and sculptors. Both a unique embodiment of truth. Fostering beautiful and stimulating work at the National Research Council. Various programs funded by the NRC, with details. Four examples of "masterpieces:" projects funded by the NRC which will be economically useful. Progress from aesthetics to utility, then to economics. The benefits of a "steady national pursuit of research and development," with figures. Increasing Canada's income. Long-range preferred plan of the NRC. The investment, not the cost, of projects funded by the NRC. The need for a national will to implement reforms and programs, of which research and development is but one part.

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