Vladimir Putin

Bissell, Claude Thomas

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The speaker's recent appointment at the University of Toronto. Some remarks about Ottawa and its development, as well as the development of all cities. City and University about to enter upon a new period of co-operation and association that began when the idea of founding a University at York first entered the mind of Governor Simcoe. The partnership between City and University: its ancient and honourable lineage. Some history to such partnership, and remarks on the nature of the partnership. The real importance of the university to the city, with example. Reaching the international community through the university. The obligation placed on the University of Toronto to maintain and to enhance the qualities that make for excellence. The dilemma that confronts all Canadian universities, and most especially the University of Toronto: how do we preserve the University as a place of learning, scholarship, and research when it must adapt itself, during the course of the next few years, to doubled enrolment? Some steps already taken. Distributing more widely the burden of higher education in the Toronto metropolitan area. Welcoming the exploratory measures already taken by a group of citizens that have as their goal the establishment of a second university in this area. Sponsorship for this new university. The university as a symbol that enables the city, in a sense, to transcend itself.