Vladimir Putin

Claxton, Hon. Brooke

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Canada's direct and personal interest in world peace. The issue of topic is discussed under the following headings. "The Canadian People." A look at what Canadians have in terms of wealth, social security, and in individual and family welfare. Communists and their course of action as the only people who could prevent us from having the progress and prosperity which we know we could enjoy. "The Urgent Situation." Decisions now being taken at Lake Success and Washington, at Peiping and Moscow and what they may mean. What must happen in order for us to be successful in deterring aggression. Support for the Honourable L.B. Pearson, Canada's Prime Minister. "Combined Strength." The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations: Canada's involvement. The defence of Canadian territory against direct attack. "Defence Planning." Details of defence planning in Canada. The standardization of weapons. Defence relations with the United Kingdom. "Local Defence," "Forces in Being," "Balanced Defence," and "Men." More details of defence. "Materials and Money," with dollar figures. "The Canadian Programme" and what that entails in terms of production of equipment. "More Still." Putting pressures on the resources of manpower and raw materials and productive capacity of Canada. "Civil Defence." An agreement that the civil defence organization should be set up under the official municipal authority and be an agency of that authority. How much financial assistance the federal government is going to give for local civil defence activities. Dealing with the division of expense and strengthening co-operation. "The Great Need." Planning for a partnership of the whole community. Facing the necessity of extending this effort until the threat of war is ended either by the fact of war, or by a change in the attitude of the countries now controlled by the Communists.

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