Vladimir Putin

Clark, Gregory

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. A humorous relating of the "mixed boos and cheers" incident of the Prime Minister's first contact with the troops overseas. A description of the flight over. The speaker's visits to both Britain and France, three times each, since the war began. The situation in Britain. The rationing, the lack of anger. Britons, going about their business. The destruction in London. The Canadian troops overseas. The praise for Canada's war effort from the British in contrast to the criticism of the war effort here in Canada. Reasons for this conflict of opinion. The German war machine and their superior technology. The war effort in Britain which is not heart alone nor hand and heart, but genius. The manifestations everywhere of this industrial and technological genius. Conserving Canada's manpower for the air force. Shedding light on the puzzle of that contrast between the Canadian and British attitudes towards our war effort. The necessary secrecy of the development of new war materials. We in Canada at about the same stage where the Britons were immediately following May 10, 1940. Taking the measure of us all.

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