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Johnson, The Hon. Daniel

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The decision Quebeckers will be making this year. A decision about Quebec's place in Canada. The speaker's hope for our long-term future together. The recent general election in Quebec. The speaker addresses the audience as a Quebecker and as a Canadian. A discussion of these two aspects of a complex identity. The referendum to take place this year in Quebec. How it could have been avoided. The various views of Quebeckers. Broadening the perspective of change for Canada. The various reasons that various Canadians want change in Canada. The issue of decentralisation. Decentralisation of responsibilities towards the provinces not an end in itself. The need for interprovincial co-ordination, in substitution for federal legislation, to ensure a sufficient level of compatibility between provincial policies. Now not the appropriate moment for constitutional talks, and why. What we must do after Quebeckers have rejected separation. Intentions of the Quebec Liberal Party. Some views on the referendum itself, on the Parti Québécois proposal, and on how the speaker believes Quebeckers should deal with it. After a hypothetical "yes" vote. What will be involved in the fight for Quebec and Canada. What a renewed commitment to Canada by a majority of Quebeckers will provide for both Quebec and Canada. Getting over the hurdle of referendum. Events leading to and including the campaign. Sharing the desire to build a lasting and productive partnership in the interest of all our citizens.