Vladimir Putin

Fallis, Hon. Iva Campbell

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Remarks about the traditional role of women, the history of women's emerging rights, and the role of women in politics. The change of attitude on the part of the general public during the last few decades with regard to the role of women. Canadian women standing ready to face the tasks which lie ahead. Reference and response to a recent article in "Saturday Night" by Walter Lippman, on relations between Canada and the United States. Building the Canada of the future. Our instinctive, rather than learned patriotism. The need to become more alive to the value of tradition and continuity in the development of a nation. The roots that are Canada's birthright. Time for a deep and full realization of the value to the world of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The speaker's position as National Chairman of the Committee for Voluntary Registration of Canadian women for emergency service. Details of that organization. Reasons for formation. Committee structure. Registration procedures. Creating a survey of the qualifications of the women who are interested enough to volunteer for service to their country. Details of the survey. What is done with the information. Some specific questions asked. Willingness to take in British or other refugee children. The part to be played by the women of Canada today, and during this crisis. Realizing that this is our war.