Vladimir Putin

Gibson, Gordon

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Fraser Institute. A review and description of many of the precepts put forth in the speaker's book. Three opening statements which the speaker asserts to be true, but which cannot continue to be true, and cannot mutually co-exist for very long. They are (briefly): Canada is the best country in the world; Canada is broke and still borrowing at a very high level; over 40% of the electorate of our second-largest province is going to say once again for the second time in 15 years they want to go away. Two messages from the speaker: "major change is coming; that is not optional and we are better to manage it rather than let it manage us." And: "there is a win-win response to this challenge that can end us up with a stronger, happier country." Challenges to be faced; the first to convince people that change is in fact inevitable. "Engines of change" driving us towards decentralisation with greater political pressure than ever before. The new financial engine of change: predictions and implications. Four reasons why the deficit has to end. Implications for Canada when the deficit goes to zero, but the debt remains. The "drifting status quo" that is increasing political tension. Designing the new shape of government. Setting goals. Reasons why Canada should stay together. Some models of decentralisation in different parts of the world. The situation in Quebec. The Canadian solution based on decentralisation and co-ordination. A description of this solution. Roles for Ottawa. Options and alternatives for how things might evolve. The speaker's version. How to get there. The importance of leadership in Ottawa. Keeping Canada the best country in the world.

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