Vladimir Putin

Turner, Mrs. Phyllis G.

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The rebuilding of the postwar world as an opportunity of building a world in which the great advances of modern science can be applied to the development of an organization of human society which will not only be free from war but a world in which mankind can rise to a level of well being and culture higher than that dreamed of by social reformers of past ages. Facing huge increases in production capacity which, unless correctly channelled, will revert to economically crippling surpluses. Canada as an agricultural country. The problem of rehabilitating our returning manpower on the land and of making it profitable for them. How this may be accomplished by the development of markets for our agricultural products as raw materials, in the form of processed foods, or as finished industrial materials. Examples of industries based on agricultural raw materials. The relationship between Canadian agricultural and industrial development. A review of the phenomenal scientific and industrial progress which has been made during the war years. The expectation that with the greater application of technology to agricultural economics, the coming post-war developments will see agriculture stabilized and expanded in a way comparable to the mechanical and chemical development after the last war. The history of this wedding of industry and agriculture. The prominence being given to nutrition in our war-torn world. The significant part which Canadian agriculture and its food industries will play in any program designed to feed the starving nations of the world of paramount importance in the consideration of Canada's post-war policies. Canada's position with respect to the "Freedom from Want" programme in the United Kingdom. The United Nations Conference on Food and Agriculture, and a food plan based on human needs. What that plan requires. Ensuring the production of adequate food supplies of foodstuffs for Europe. A consideration of the effect a food nutrition policy would have on the promotion of human welfare and also its effect upon the utilization of farm products, with statistics. The organization of a world food policy. A lucrative market for Canadian products for some years after the war. The possibility of expanding our export of prepared foods. Potential export markets for prepared or specialty cereal products, and pre-cooked, dehydrated and preserved foods of all kinds. Utilization of agricultural raw materials for use other than foodstuffs. Fat and oil consumption figures. The potential of flaxseed production. Linseed and other oils used in paint production and other industries. The introduction and development of new crops. An examination of wheat and starch. The transformation of milk casein into a fibre of textile utility. Progress made in separating the proteins from soya beans, peanuts, and linseed for a high-grade, low-cost vegetable protein of great purity. Paint and protective coating industry. Finding new markets for farm products. Increasing the demand for raw materials by finding new uses for them. Prosperity from production.

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