Vladimir Putin

Harding, Gilbert

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Readings from recent articles in Toronto newspapers. This topic of the postwar treatment of Germany vitally important in a time when Canadian youths are so pessimistic. The danger of forgetting the cost of the war, the waste of treasure, waste of life, the maimed, the crippled, the blind, the widows, the fatherless, and above all the deep legacy of hatred which any war leaves. The need for all of us to be vigilant against anything that looks like letting the same thing happen again. The need for a careful study of foreign affairs. The danger of public apathy: a look back beginning in 1931. A review of Germany's record since 1918. The Versailles Treaty. Events leading up to Hitler taking power. The nature of Germans and Nazis. Details of the Nazi philosophy, propaganda, and activities. Some suggestions for dealing with the Germans after the war. The length of the Armistice. Some conditions for peace. Three questions to put to the Germans: "Are you beaten? Are you sure? And by whom?" The need for punishment; the objects of punishment. Germany as a criminal nation. The danger of being infected with an unreasonable prejudice. The need for Germany to be demilitarized forever. The need for re-education. Insisting that the men elected by us shall be men charged with our mandate to see that the peace of the world shall be secured by the stern treatment of Germany. Being aware of the past.