Vladimir Putin

Mathewson, Honourable James Arthur

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. A Canada that cannot exist without Quebec, and the Empire that cannot exist without Canada. Highlights of the history of Quebec. Milestones in the historical course followed by Quebec and, along with Quebec, by Canada. Three attempts in living memory to awaken or stir up an isolationist or a so-called Nationalist sentiment in Quebec. The conception of Imperialism in Quebec; that by building Quebec we build Canada and by building Canada we build the Empire. The question as to whether or not Quebec has been bearing her share and the speaker's response to that issue. Quebec's financial position, with figures. Quebec's intention to faithfully and honourably discharge every financial obligation it has. Some personal allusions to illustrate the sincerity of the patriotism of French-Canada. The nature of the outlook on patriotism to be found in Quebec.

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