Vladimir Putin

Carrington, The Right Hon. The Lord

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Current concerns affecting the NATO alliance and Canada's role in NATO. The INF agreement bringing the first real downturn in the arms buildup and protecting Western security and setting valuable precedents for the future. A new climate of success, new opportunity, and new challenges. Putting events in a wider perspective. Three sorts of phases in East-West relations and a discussion of each. The new factor of Mr. Gorbachev and the changes underway in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Taking the time to analyse Soviet policy properly: a detailed review. Being aware of the uncomfortable practical obstacles which still lie between us and the less militarized, less nuclear world we all hope to live in. The remaining call for defence efforts. The success of the recent NATO Summit in Brussels. Two significant points: the endorsement of an arms control effort; the fundamental political unity, strength, and confidence which came through loud and clear. Two policy statements issued during the meeting. Western solidarity as a cumulative effort supported by each and every ally. The leading part which Canada plays on questions of disarmament and on the human aspect of international relations. The role of Canada in the military field. Prospects for real progress in arms control and disarmament and for a better relationship with the East. Work on a comprehensive philosophy linking the requirements of security with arms control. A clear message for public opinion: "we must continue to maintain public support for necessary defence effort."

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