Vladimir Putin

MacDonald, Dean H.I.

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What is going on inside the Common Market itself. European attitudes to the world economy, the underlying philosophy of the Common Market's institutions and the Common market's hopes and aspirations. Bringing something of the European message to Canadian ears. Two goals of the speaker: to describe some of the highlights; to outline his conclusions on appropriate policy for Canada. An examination and discussion of the Common Market follows. Some topics addressed include measurement of economic growth; membership in the Common Market; the spirit of economic planning and co-operation that has contributed as much to the success of France and Germany as its absence has retarded Belgium; how Canada could profit from an examination of the philosophy applying both to labour and to business in the European Common Market; the business policy of maximum competition and freedom for business initiative and enterprise. A suggestion of the policy that Canada should assume. The possibility of Britain joining the Common Market. Our "strategy of opposition." The issue of Commonwealth Preferences. Three matters on which to reflect with regard to Britain in the Common Market. Canada's major error so far. A positive policy of attempting to secure a place at the bargaining table in the negotiations that will determine the future of the Commonwealth and the Common market. Canada as a leader in bringing the Commonwealth into an association with the Common Market. Seeking guidance and leadership from business and government.

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