Vladimir Putin

Baldwin, Hanson W.

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Getting a general indication of the possible course of action open to either side in the war by looking briefly at the forces involved in this tremendous drama in Europe and the theatre of action in which it is being played. A discussion follows, with lantern slides. A survey of the forces involved in the conflict, then moving on to the theatre of action. An ordered list of the powers of Europe, in terms of their financial, raw material and food self-sufficiency. A rough compilation of the army strengths of the warring powers as at September 1st. A rough summary of the estimated naval strength of the powers. Estimates of air strengths of the warring powers. A conclusion that German military strength will probably reach its maximum capacity some time during 1940, and thereafter decline vis-à-vis the Allied strength. A map of Europe showing the principal air bases and the naval bases, and a graphical depiction of the advantage Germany has, due to her interior lines of position between France on the west, and Poland on the east. The favourable geographic position of the British Isles athwart German sea trade routes. Various maps presented serving to show the principal topographical features of Europe and how they will affect or direct the war. A review of the first four-and-a-half months of action. The Polish campaign. The Western Front. The war in Finland. The war on and under the water. The German submarine and mine campaign. The struggle over the North Sea. The course of the war tomorrow, and a discussion of the possible courses of action open to both sides. The most likely possibility for 1940 for Germany is a war of waiting, a continuation of the war as at present. The more likely possibility that there will be a German air and sea offensive, and still more likely that there will be a co-ordinated German offensive by land, air and sea. The war in 1940 continuing to be a war of nerves and political diversions, as well as perhaps a war of major military operations. Time eventually working against Germany.

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