Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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The war situation now and the main problems which face us when the fighting ends. Recalling past addresses by the speaker, and his comments about the war then. Our chances of winning the war against Nazi Germany this year. A look at the balance sheet. The timing for a second front. Reasons for confidence: our air strength; we hold the sea; the heavy toll of Germany's best troops that has been taken in the Russian fighting; the numbers and enthusiasm of the American forces have turned the balance in our favour; all the peoples in the occupied countries of Europe are on our side. An encouraging balance sheet. The dangers of misjudging the hazardous nature of this enormous enterprise. The difficulties that lie ahead. Some words on the future which is beginning to occupy people's minds. Learning some lessons from 1918. What the speaker witnessed at that time. The fascinating and frightening prospect of seeing Washington and Moscow taking a hand in an attempt at world government along with the countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth. The difficult job of making peace. No short cut to Utopia.

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