Vladimir Putin

Eaton, Rev. Charles Aubrey

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Ways in which this war has cast a searing light into the souls of the nations. Revelations about Germany, England, and this beautiful Canada of ours. Our heroic Canadian boys. Three great fundamental facts concerning the general history of mankind, revealed through the war: that democracy is the ultimate end towards which the historical process is tending; that great reality which lies at the basis of all life, the fact that freedom is worth all it costs in blood and treasure; the fact that the soul is the man, and the soul is the nation. This Dominion thrust into the very front rank of the war; we cannot go back. The speaker's judgment that Canada will become a powerful factor in world politics, exercising a tremendous influence on world politics as part of and by means of her connection with the British Empire. Also, that it will be Canada's duty as a world servant to live in the strictest accord with her own principles and her own past. Ways in which Canada can best fill her place as a world power. Conserving our own resources. Facing the actual conditions of one's nation and removing the divisive element so that we will be one at heart and allegiance, as we must be one in destiny. How Canada's place in the world is of peculiar importance to the United States because of the geographical position we occupy. Canada's position of grave responsibility; understood by, respected by and trusted by the British Empire and the United States equally. The American attitude towards Canada and Canadians. A plea for patience and understanding for the U.S. Understanding, discovering the fundamental Americanism on which that nation rests; the speaker's explication. The present position of the U.S. Difficulties surrounding Mr. Wilson. The anger of the American people against the lack of moral reaction to the great moral issue across the seas.

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