Vladimir Putin

Eltis, Walter

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The structural problems of the economies in Britain and Canada. Some basic comments on how economy works. The element of surplus and the government-financed non-market sector. Government spending on workers in the United States, Canada, and Britain. Increased spending on education, health, pensions, personal security and the arts in relation to personal consumption. A trend towards culture as people become richer. The relationship between growth in public services and the ability of industry and commerce to function effectively. An examination of these factors with regard to Britain. Some comparisons with other countries. Similarities and differences in Canada and the United States. Statistics concerning Canada's employment rise, and profitability through the world recession. The effects of the policies of the Anti-Inflation Board. The recent devaluation of the Canadian dollar. The effects of government spending on unionized labour force. The future of the Canadian economy. Remarks and suggestions to improve Canada's economy.

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