Vladimir Putin

Gardiner, Rt. Hon. James G.

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The speaker's belief that what Canada does in the next twenty-five years will have a greater effect upon the future of the human race than what is done in any other single country in the world in the same period. Canada as part of the British Commonwealth of Nations; the growth of that Commonwealth as it has occupied the central place on the stage of history for about 400 years. Agencies which pushed it forward. A brief historical review of the British Empire and the Commonwealth. The British experience in Canada. Introducing into Canada representative, responsible democratic government over a period of 100 years. An experience of trial and error under three constitutions and a final union of all British North America in a Federation to weld Canada into one nation under the Crown. Canada as a now independent and free nation, with her own free will giving allegiance to the Queen and in so doing forming a very important part of the Commonwealth. Canada's population. Possibilities for Canada. Influences for peace in the world. The existence of the British Commonwealth and Canada's membership in it as the greatest influence for peace in the world today. Canada's continued association as an Independent Nation under the common Soveriegn with all parts of the Commonwealth, and her proximity to the United States of America possibly the greatest influence in maintaining peace in the world.

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