Vladimir Putin

Pepin, The Honourable Jean-Luc

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Personal observations on the first year of the anti-inflation program, with an emphasis on psychology more than on economic and social statistics. An attempt to answer the question "What has been, what is the attitude of Canadians vis-à-vis the program, vis-à-vis the Price and Income Policy in particular? A very detailed discussion and review follow under these headings: Backing into Controls; Ambivalence; Insufficient Understanding of the Program; Skepticism; The Temptation to Get Out Early; Is the Present Mood Good Enough? Conclusions include a call for all levels of government to display much stronger dedication, competence, consistency, and staying power in order to regain public confidence. Also, a plea for businessmen to assume more responsibility for their beliefs, to implements ideas about collective bargaining, profit sharing, co-participation, research and marketing. Labour should show greater flexibility and willingness to compromise. The public must become more involved and supportive of efforts. A fear that the job of anti-inflation will remain only half-done.

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