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Singh, Dr. Sundar

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The importance of the subject of the Sikhs in Canada to the British Empire. The customs and religion of the Sikhs, who are a part of the Empire. History and origins of this religion, founded by a great teacher called Nana, born in the Punjaub in the northwest provinces of India about the same time as martin Luther. The teachings of Nana. Nine teachers who followed Nana. How the story of British rule in India would have been different had it not been for the Sikhs. Loyalty of the Sikhs to the British. Local problems as they affect Canada. The Sikhs who came out to Canada in 1905 and after. The restrictions on the Sikhs bringing their families to Canada, despite the fact that they are British subjects who have fought for the Empire. Inaccurate statements about the Sikhs which appear in the press. The legality of the position of the Sikhs in Canada; their behaviour and work record. An appeal to the members of the audience to stand up for these people and their rights. The speaker's conviction that if he brings his argument before right-minded Canadians, that they will say that the same rights should be given to the Sikhs as are given to any other British subjects. False statements being spread about the Sikhs. This issue as a matter of justice. Some individual cases. Promises of Queen Victoria that all British subjects, no matter what race or creed they belong to, shall be treated alike.

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