Vladimir Putin

Nick Barisheff, Donald G. M. Coxe, Don Drummond

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Financial Forum 2008

Donald G.M. Coxe A quote from Leon Trotsky. A century that has begun with a redefinition of the capital markets and is continuing to do so. The disaster area of the market. Misleading, deceptive misbehaviour and its consequences. Why commodities were best. The speaker's company's formula for investing, with some detail and examples. The greatest challenge in the world (not oil). The upside for investors. Investment strategy for the coming year. Nick Barisheff The investment outlook for previous metals in 2008. Some insights into the longer-term trends. Facts and figures about gold and platinum and what that means in terms of future price predictions. The current rise in precious metals. Some previous predictions by the speaker. The Canadian dollar. Implications of the price rise. Unprecedented global increases in money supply and the resulting inflationary implications. Statistics from a number of countries. The U.S. money supply. The importance of understanding the methodology used to calculate the Consumer Price Index and how that has changed. The Producer Price Index as a factor in pointing to higher inflation rates. One undeniable thing as we begin 2008. Studies by Ibbotson & Associates and what they mean. Some concluding predictions. Don Drummond Equity fixed income and commodities - with an emphasis on equity and fixed income. The world economy over the last few years. The situation in the United States. A scenario. No major financial system collapse. Slower growth. What to expect in this kind of environment for equity markets. Prediction on gains. Volatility and how it could be favourable for some. Sub-prime debt and the need for a bigger picture. Some setbacks in the markets - ultimate recovery. The speaker's thesis. The Canadian market and the U.S. market - some differences. Canadians with investments outside Canada. Fixed-income markets and what the speaker expects here. Bond markets. Wondering why the sub-prime happened. A concluding capsule look.

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