Vladimir Putin

Vennat, Michel

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Facing two issues that are closely linked: a provincial government doing its utmost to break up the Canadian federation; a debt and deficit problem that threatens our well-being as a nation. The importance of tackling both these issues immediately, and why it is so important. A review of the Quebec separation issue. Strategies of the separatists. "Faced with all this, what do we do?" A response to this question, with a discussion of each of the following suggestions. "The first thing that Canadians outside Quebec have to do is to realise that separatists do not speak for all Quebeckers." Second, "avoid falling into the trap of a debate on the Constitution." Also, "focus attention on the real question, which is separation." Urging all Canadians to "stand up and participate in this referendum. Reminding our fellow citizens in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada of how much they would stand to lose, in economic and financial terms, if the separatists were to triumph in the referendum. Confidence that the people of Quebec will once again opt for Canada. An invitation to all Canadians to reach out to Quebeckers in the next few months to help keep our country united. The intention of the Council for Canadian Unity to spare no effort to achieve this goal.

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