Vladimir Putin

Griffin, Frederick

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The complex nature of the tragedy of Spain. Explaining the limits of what the speaker saw in Spain on the Government or Loyalist side. Conditions under which the speaker covered the story. The military situation. The miracle of Madrid. A review of recent events in Spain. An examination of Franco's treatment of Madrid from the viewpoint purely of a military situation, without emotion or political bias. Why Franco's shells killed no one in the Telefonica. An analysis of Franco's intentions. A look at the disparities between the conflict in Spain and the battlefield experiences of the Great War. The political background of this civil war, as seen from the government side of the lines. Examples of the values which enter into the Spanish War. Behaviour of the liberal government, the socialists and anarchists. Strikes, counter-strikes, terrorism and assassinations. Speculation by the speaker on which might have happened in Spain under different conditions. The present situation. A fair if bleak picture of the government side. The difficulties under which the government fights against the rebels and the Fascists. Spain's primitive democracy of untried, undisciplined, inexperienced people. The government as an uncoalesced ferment of republicanism, liberalism, primitive democracy and advanced, and to a considerable degree, undigested radicalisms--lacking in strong leadership and in central authority. What the government wants. The Communists in Spain. The possible future. Doubting the numbers of German and Italian troops attributed to the Franco side. Franco proving his incompetence as a military leader. Madrid's remarkable stand making everyone on the government side think that in the end the government will surely win. Anybody's war yet. What will happen should the government side win. The speaker's wish to convey the poverty of vast masses, the degradation seen over wide stretches, the sight of thousands living in earth caves and in rude huts in which we would not keep pigs. Time for the Spanish people had a chance to run Spain themselves, however radically.

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